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Our life began in December 2014 when we were founded by Tang Yang Dies Co., Ltd. to produce products specifically for their MotoGP, SuperSport/Ultimate Sport, Adventure and Sports Touring Motorcycles. Tang Yang Dies Co., Ltd. like us, pride themselves on a pragmatic working attitude and customer orientation, always striving to provide a high-quality product at the right price. We now offer handlebar power outlets, universal phone holders, power outlet adapters, multi-socket car chargers, TPMS and DVRs for motorcycles and surface mount power outlets.


We provide high-quality, long-lasting motorcycle and car electronic accessories to keep you on the road. We pride ourselves on producing the finest products, which are durable, resilient and of impeccable quality.


From quality, high-end power outlets to our extensive range of TPMS, we have you covered. Our electronic accessories are made for BMW motorcycle and MotoGP vehicles and are approved by CE and FCC Worldwide Patents. To ensure that we always provide you with the best, our products come with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. If you should need our help, our after-sales customer service team are always ready to assist with a smile.


We are the consumer electronics accessory brand of choice, and we love making sure that your journey is as smooth as possible.



Motor-Gp Electronic Accessories
Motor Gp Electronic Accessories by Cliff-top
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